Why order a Factel Hospital Treatment Check?

Simply stated, Factel Hospital Treatment Checks deliver better results.


Hospital Treatment Check reports provide leads to critical claims information that would otherwise never be found  because the information is not reported to and is not contained in any single database!


This includes leads to treatment from accidents, injuries or illnesses that occurred prior to, and even after your date of loss!


Here’s some reasons why you’ll get more with a Factel Hospital Treatment Check:

  • With a FREE SSN Index you’ll get improved accuracy and more useful information!


  • You’ll usually get more Hospital Treatment Checks than you pay for. That means extra value!


  • You won’t find faster reporting anywhere. You can even get same day service!
  • A unique color-coded report makes it easy to zero in on relevant information.
  • And it’s all backed up by our ironclad guarantee.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied

with any Factel report, we’ll work until you are.

If you’re still not satisfied, there’s no charge!


When we say any reason, we mean absolutely any reason!

Our guarantee is unconditional. If you are not completely satisfied with any Factel report, you won’t pay a dime.

We want to be sure you’re satisfied, so we’ve removed the risk!

Factel offers an unqualified guarantee, more value and better service, because that makes us stand out from the rest.

There are others that provide similar services and you have choices.

One way to decide which provider is best is to see how its services are described and what you can expect.

Another way is to give them a try. Comparing prices, speed of service and quality of reports is a good way to determine value.

Factel is your best choice because we do things a little differently.

Actually, we do some things a lot differently!

If you read What is a Factel Hospital Treatment Check you’ve seen that we’ve created a unique system designed to deliver the best possible results.

Not everybody goes to those lengths.

Something else we do differently is to report our findings spot-on accurately, regardless of what they might be.

You probably assume that should go unsaid because you naturally expect that every vendor will provide complete and accurate reports.

Unfortunately, you can’t make that assumption.

Here’s something to watch for.

If you get the results of a hospital scan, report, survey, canvass, search, or whatever the report title, and you never see in the reports that some hospitals require a signed medical authorization,


A small percentage of hospitals will not provide information of any kind without a signed authorization for release of medical records, even if no medical records are requested!

If a hospital declines to release information without a signed authorization for whatever reason, nobody can force them to violate their own policies and nobody can circumvent those policies.

Fortunately in Florida very few hospitals require authorizations. However, some facilities out-of-state are more restrictive.

When we encounter hospitals that require signed authorizations, that is exactly what will be reflected in your report. You’ll see a check mark indicating “Signed authorization required.”


Then at least you’ll know that information might be available from a particular facility with a signed authorization.

We can only wonder why some companies have a policy of not reporting when hospitals require authorizations, but it is a dangerous policy because it creates a false reliance based on incomplete information.

When a hospital declines to release information, failure to report that response accurately and instead reporting, “No record was found” is potentially damaging to the user of the report.

On the other hand, if you care to split hairs, maybe it is true.

In a way. Sort of.

When a hospital advises that a signed authorization is required, technically no record was found at that particular facility.

But reporting that no record was found

when a signed authorization is requested is not only inaccurate,

it is a half-truth that could result in significant losses!


If the organization compiling the report never tells you that certain hospitals want a signed authorization, watch out because it’s for sure you’ll never know about potentially critical information that is available if a signed authorization is submitted.

Also, if anybody tells you they get results from hospitalization searches every time, beware of that as well. It isn’t possible to produce evidence of hospital services every time for two simple reasons:

  • There will always be some facilities that require signed authorizations.
  • Not everyone has received hospital services.

le nationwide – and you can get same day service!

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