When to order a Factel Hospital Treatment Check

Perhaps the best time to order a Factel Hospital Treatment Check is when an injury claim demands that all bases be covered.

The following are examples of when Hospital Treatment Checks can be a good idea:

  • When the exposure demands a thorough examination
  • When information questioning a claim is obtained from third parties such as employers, neighbors or co-workers
  • When there are independent indications that the subject has a prior injury. Examples include workers compensation claim records, other claim records, litigation records or medical records
  • When the nature of the injury (neck, backache, headache, bruising, etc.) could be due to other causes
  • When medical evidence suggests that the injury may not have resulted from the subject accident
  • When previous injuries of a similar nature are denied and the claim warrants verification
  • When medical records are inconsistent with the first report of injury
  • When any prior history is denied, suggesting verification of the facts
  • When prior hospital services of any kind are denied and the subject’s age, occupation or other factors suggest the need for verification
  • When the accident is minor and significant injuries are claimed
  • When injuries are inconsistent with a workers job duties
  • When the subject is evasive or uncooperative, or when his/her behavior raises questions
  • When details of the accident are unclear or contradictory
  •         When the alleged injury occurs on a Monday morning and causation is unclear
  • When the injury is legitimate but the mechanics of the accident seem inconsistent with the type of injury – there may be another cause
  • When the subject is new to the area and does not provide information on recent former addresses, possibly to conceal prior accidents or injuries
  • When a claim is in litigation – the cost of a Hospital Treatment Check is minimal compared to the exposure
  • When subpoena’s are not an option
  • When the claim or suit is filed well after the alleged accident date – Hospital Treatment Checks can lead to treatment dates both before and after the loss date
  • When for any reason the claim does not pass the “smell test.”

When information is needed immediately – Factel Hospital Treatment Check reports can be available in hours!

When Not to Order Factel Hospital Treatment Checks

  • When both the facts of a work-connected accident and the injuries sustained are indisputable
  • When the subject is not old enough to have a prior medical history
  • `When the subject is known to have treated at a psychiatric, drug or alcohol rehabilitation facilities – information is not available

Factel Hospital Treatment Checks are available nationwide – and you can get same-day service!  

For an example of a Factel Hospital Treatment Check report, use this link or go to www.factel.com and click on Special Reports.

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