What is a Factel Hospital Treatment Check? 


Factel Hospital Treatment Check is a report that reflects dates of service for in-patient, outpatient and emergency room treatment at hospitals near the subject’s current and/or former residence.

Years of experience have proven you’ll get better and more accurate results from a Factel Hospital Treatment Check because of our special processes and because we’re very careful about how we conduct searches.

A specially developed system that has been proven to deliver the most accurate information begins with verification of the subject’s name, address, date of birth and social security number.

Here’s some of what’s included:

1.)    Free Social Security Number Index

  • Verifies full and correct name
  • Detects other names used
  • Confirms current address
  • Reveals former addresses

You might be surprised how often we’re provided with an incorrect or incomplete name, date of birth or social security number.

It happens all the time.

That’s why before anything else, we always verify that it is the correct and only name the subject has used.

Claimants are sometimes on record using another, or several other surnames – which is important to know when checking for hospital services.

Since the whole point of doing a Hospital Treatment Check is to confirm information provided by the subject or to discover evidence of other medical treatment, identifying other names the subject has used is absolutely critical to locating records that would otherwise never be found!

In addition to verifying the subject’s name, the Free SSN Index can confirm the address provided and can reveal other addresses used.

Locating other addresses is not only good information to know, it is absolutely necessary.  A thorough search cannot be conducted unless you know where the subject has been!

Missing relevant information because the subject did not provide former addresses — and no attempt was made to find them — could turn out to be a multi-thousand dollar oversight!

When we discover different names, addresses or social security numbers, we will always notify you before commencing a search to determine if it needs to be modified or expanded.

2.)   Expert Hospital Locator Service

         Hospitals are carefully selected by experienced research staff, according to:

  • Your specific requirements or budget
  • Age and sex of the subject
  • Date of loss
  • Size of facility
  • Distance from the subject’s residence
  • Proximity to other cities and towns, or closest metropolitan area
  • Type of hospital.

3.)   An Easy to Read Color-Coded Report


          You’ll get an easy to read report, so you can see at a glance…

  • Other names found for the subject
  • Treatment dates, admission and discharge dates
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers for all hospitals contacted
  • The time span records were searched at each facility
  • The number of admissions
  • Type of treatment (ER, outpatient, in-patient) by category
  • All information found is highlighted in red for easy reference

4.)         You’ll Also Get Maximum Flexibility!


You’ll get coverage of the specific areas and number of facilities you want checked, not wasteful “canned” searches that cover the same number of hospitals, no matter where the subject has lived.

For instance, sometimes there may only be two or three hospitals in the area where the subject has lived or worked. When that occurs we’ll automatically reduce the scope of the search and you’ll never pay for checks that aren’t necessary.

What Hospital Treatment Checks are not


Hospital Treatment Checks do not report medical information and are not a medical records retrieval service.

For an example of a Factel Hospital Treatment Check report, use this link or go to www.factel.com and click on Special Reports.

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