Factel Hospital Treatment Checks Reveal
Critical Claims Information
That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

There is one overarching and in a way, overwhelming reason why a huge, almost incredible amount of information will always stay under the radar and, can only be discovered with a Hospital Treatment Check.

According to a 2006 study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the rate of hospital admissions for uninsured injuries was three times higher than for privately insured patients!

Stop for a second and think about that. Three times more people with zero insurance were admitted to hospitals than those who had insurance!

That might be nice to know information for most people, but for anybody who investigates or defends injury claims, it is absolute need to know information!

It’s need to know information because of two key words. One of them is “uninsured.”

The other is…


Obviously, patients who are admitted must be seriously injured; otherwise they wouldn’t be put in a hospital bed.

But they’re only the tip of the iceberg. And that’s where it gets interesting.


Millions more who have not admitted wait an average of two hours and are treated in…

That’s right – emergency rooms!

According to HHS, in 2006 alone, 42.4 million injured people were treated in emergency rooms.

That number might not seem too impressive at first glance, but it starts to become eye-opening when you realize it represented 15 percent of the entire population of the United States in 2006!


Here’s the real reason why such a huge amount of otherwise

hidden information can only be discovered with a Hospital Treatment Check!


According to HHS, 3,700,000 people admitted to hospitals after ER treatment had no insurance.

Another 18,000,000 people with less serious injuries were sent home.

They didn’t have insurance either!

If you combine those who were admitted with those sent home it comes to 21,700,000!

But those totals were for only one year. That was just in 2006!

Hospital records are cumulative!

For a hint of what your chances are of finding evidence of hospital service for uninsured injuries, you can multiply the 21,700,000 figure by 10 at least!

That’s because most Hospital Treatment Check reports reflect records dating back at least 10 years!

Using simple arithmetic, we know there are about 217,000,000 available records reflecting treatment for uninsured injuries that you will never find unless you order a Hospital Treatment Check.

You won’t find them because with the exception of HHS statistics, these injuries are not reported to anybody — anywhere!

Which is why you can’t expect to find them — unless you order a Hospital Treatment Check!

Believe it or not, there’s still a lot more you can get with a Hospital Treatment Check.


So far we’ve only talked about uninsured injuries.

You’ll also get leads to well over 100,000,000

more hospital services that were paid by insurance!


Using more simple arithmetic, it becomes readily apparent – records available for insured and uninsured injuries alone represent roughly the entire present-day population of the United States!

That’s a huge amount of potential information, but it’s only one reason why Hospital Treatment Checks are so consistently revealing.

There’s even more!

We’ve only touched on inpatient and emergency room treatment, but there’s another very important category.    


Outpatient services!

Millions more with and without insurance were treated as outpatients, and they aren’t on record in any database either!

Some outpatient services were for treatment for injuries, but that’s just one category.

Millions were tested or treated for other complaints, including an untold variety of illnesses!

If these numbers could talk, they would tell you that the potential for finding information the subject either can’t recall — or does not disclose — is virtually unlimited!

Now you can see why…

The only way you’ll ever get leads to otherwise ‘hidden’

treatments is with a Factel Hospital Treatment Check!


Really, the facts speak for themselves. If you have an injury claim that demands serious scrutiny and want more information than you’re getting now, order a Factel Hospital Treatment Check!

Factel Hospital Treatment Checks are available nationwide – and you can get same day service!  

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