The previous two articles reveal a profound fact
that anyone handling an injury claim must know!


“Hospital Treatment Checks are Your Best

Source of Information on Other

Accidents, Injuries or Illnesses”

This is true for two important reasons…
either one is reason enough to order a Hospital Treatment Check!

Hospital Treatment Checks Provide Vital Claims Information

That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

Here are some of the sources and types of injuries that can be revealed by a

Hospital Treatment Check. We’re listing them again — because it’s that important!

There is no database that contains data on millions of otherwise ‘hidden’ injuries — because they never get reported. Examples include:

  •        Injuries in the home
  •        Injuries from fights or domestic abuse
  •        Injuries from falls or other mishaps
  •        Injuries resulting from drug or alcohol abuse
  •        Accidental or self-inflicted injuries
  •        Injuries with uninsured employers
  •        Injuries resulting from exercise or sporting activities
  •        Injuries from self-employed or side jobs
  •        Injuries resulting from arrests or incarceration
  •        Injuries from uninsured, unreported or single vehicle accidents
  •        Injuries that resulted in insurance claims but were not reported because carriers were not
    members or subscribers to ISO or other commonly used databases!

Hospital Treatment Checks Lead to Evidence

of Treatment 89.4% of the Time!

That documented ‘hit’ rate is the averaged result of two surveys of
Hospital Treatment Checks performed nationwide over a period of one year!

If you know of any other source that can lead to records of other injuries or illnesses nearly 90% of the time, you should use it whenever possible because it doesn’t get much better than that!

Avoid missing critically important information.

Order a Factel Hospital Treatment Check today!

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Factel Hospital Treatment Checks are available nationwide – and you can get same day service!  

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Factel Hospital Treatment Checks Reveal
Critical Claims Information
That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!