Get more leads to injuries or illnesses that occurred
before — and even after your date of loss!

Factel Hospital Treatment Checks
Provide Critical Claims Information
That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

It’s as true as the law of gravity!

You can check any source or search records anywhere and you will not find information on literally millions of injuries because they are almost never included in standard insurance databases!

How does that happen? Consider these three categories and ten types of injuries:

1) The injury was caused by the subject and did not involve a claim, including:

  • Injuries in the home
    ·Injuries from fights or domestic abuse
    ·       Injuries from falls or other accidents
    ·       Injuries resulting from drug or alcohol abuse
    ·       Accidental self-inflicted injuries

2) The injury was not covered by insurance, including:

  • Injuries with uninsured employers
    ·Injuries resulting from exercise or sporting activities
    ·       Injuries from self-employed or side jobs
    ·       Injuries resulting from arrests or incarceration
    ·       Injuries from uninsured, unreported or single-vehicle accidents

3) The injury was covered by insurance, but was not reported:

  • Not all insurers are subscribers and therefore do not report to ISO or other databases.

It all adds up to a lot of injuries that are on record
but that you won’t find unless you order a Hospital Treatment Check!

One major and potential case-changing benefit of ordering a Hospital Treatment Check is that it can lead to evidence of previous treatment for the same complaint you’re investigating now!


Here’s what a client said:


“I can recall one case where the insured denied previous injuries or accidents. Hospital records showed that he had been treated several times for fights and a motorcycle accident. That revelation caused the insured to open up and tell the truth. Some claims have been completely eliminated because claimants have such an extensive history for the same injury.”


  1.                                            Cline

                                                                                                         Special Claims Investigator

The same situation has happened before and unfortunately continues to happen, but the treatments were never discovered because nobody knew about or thought about ordering a Hospital Treatment Check!

When Hospital Treatment Checks lead to records of prior treatment for the same complaint; it can literally turn a claim or lawsuit around.

Here’s what another client said:

“The claimant alleged a work injury. A hospital search found treatment immediately prior to the alleged accident. The Workers Comp law judge upheld the claim denial. The potential savings could be well over $100,000.”

  1.    Meehan
    Claims Specialist

We later learned that the claim was actually reserved for $199,000!

Hospital Treatment Checks are a great tool for investigating Workers’ Comp claims, but you can just as easily get the same kind of results for any injury claim that demands close examination.

Factel Hospital Treatment Checks

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