Factel  Hospital Treatment Checks Are

100% Guaranteed – and Then Some!

At Factel we’re constantly working to add extra value to our services. All Standard and Extended Hospital Treatment Checks now include a FREE Florida Litigation Records Index.* We recently added that service to improve your chances of getting the kinds of information you need to make good decisions – at no additional charge.

As you’ve probably noticed, these tough economic times demand constant adjustments. Certainly today more than ever, every dollar you spend must count for something. With that in mind, we’ve found a way to offer you even greater value.

Factel  Hospital Treatment Checks are guaranteed!


That’s a strong statement, but we’re prepared to deliver on it, and then some!

 For starters, any Standard or Extended Hospital Treatment Check you order nationwide will reflect at least one date of service – or the service is FREE!

           That guarantees dollar value, but that’s just for starters.

      If you’ve ordered Factel  Hospital Treatment Checks on Florida subjects, you’ve seen some of the extra’s you can get, including:

  • FREE Nationwide Social Security Number Checks
  • FREE Florida Workers Comp Claim Checks*
  • FREE Florida Traffic Accident Report Summaries*, a
  • FREE Florida Litigation Records Index*, and
  • Additional FREE Hospital Treatment Checks with nearly every report!


Additional free checks improve your chances of getting relevant information. That’s what we’re aiming for. But we’re also committed to providing exceptional value every time.

Here’s what makes Factel  Hospital Treatment Checks better than guaranteed.

If the report you order normally includes any or all of the above FREE checks, and no dates of service are found, you’ll still get all the extras, but you won’t get a bill. The  Hospital Treatment Check, along with the results of all additional searches will be yours at no cost!


That’s better than guaranteed because worst case if no records are found, you’ll still get a ton of valuable information – all FREE!

For example, If you order a Standard Hospital  Treatment Check on a Florida subject and no record is found, you’ll still get over $90 worth of FREE services!

Or, if you order a same day report on an Extended  Hospital Treatment Check and no record is found, you won’t get a bill but you will get $150 worth of FREE services!


When records are found, you’ll get information that is potentially worth hundreds of times more than you paid for it. Some clients have reported that claims have been withdrawn after finding records of hospital treatment that claimants denied. One workers comp claimant even wound up getting arrested as a result of a Hospital Treatment Check.

On the other hand, if no records are found, or if your subject doesn’t live in Florida, you’ll still get a lot of good information at no cost. You’ll get a complete report detailing the names and addresses of hospitals where the search was conducted, along with a FREE Social Security Number Check that can reveal other names and addresses the subject has used.


Sometimes no news can turn out to be good news, especially if no finding of hospital service confirms the claimant’s information.

Finding no evidence of hospital treatment can be a positive outcome because it can help advance your investigation and put you one step closer to making an informed decision.


Regardless of the outcome, when you order a Factel Hospital Treatment Check

you’ll always get more than you pay for. Guaranteed!


There’s another guarantee you should know about. It’s been our standing satisfaction guarantee on every service we’ve offered for nearly 20 years. Here it is.

“While it is not possible to control what information is or is not contained in the databases we access, we do take great pride in the quality of our service, which is why our total satisfaction guarantee is both uncompromising and simple. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of any Factel service, we’ll fix it, or the service is free.”


One hundred percent guaranteed  Hospital Treatment Checks backed up by our long-standing policy virtually eliminates risk and provides you with an ironclad guarantee of superior value and complete satisfaction. So if you have an injury claim that needs checking out, there’s no reason not to order a Factel  Hospital Treatment Check today!


* Available in Florida only

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