It’s a Fact — Factel Hospital Treatment Checks Reveal
Treatment 89.4 Percent of the Time!

Two independent surveys of all Factel Hospital Treatment Checks performed nationwide over a period of one year resulted in some revealing and amazingly consistent findings!

Careful and selective search procedures, along with the huge number of people seeking hospital services over an average period of 10-years, revealed that some record of hospital services was found precisely 89.4% of the time, which might explain why one client said:

“We have a lot of low-impact types of accidents that seem to result in serious injuries. Hospital search records often turn up three or four prior treatments. In one case all we did was tell the plaintiff’s attorney that we knew about the hospital treatments and wanted all the records. A $10,000 demand was settled for $1,500. Every single time I’ve used your services you’ve come up with something. I’ve been very pleased.”


                                                                                                        Chris T.

                                                                                                        Litigation Specialist

We have to admit we don’t come up with something every time, although it might seem like every time because a nearly 90% success rate is almost as good.

Our precise verification processes, the literally millions of records on file and the number of years records are available, all combine to deliver positive results — nearly every time!

Chris was dead-on correct about one thing, though.  He said we often turn up three of four prior treatments.

The same survey revealed that the typical subject sought treatment at 2.1 hospitals a total of 3.6 times!

What that means to you is that even if we report a hospital date of service that is the same as your loss date, on average we’ll also report 2.6 additional hospital services at least one other hospital!


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