Do Factel Hospital Treatment Checks Require Signed Medical Authorizations?

Signed medical authorizations are not required, but are suggested for maximum return of information.

Factel Hospital Treatment Check reports do not contain medical records or clinical information. Because no medical records are requested or transmitted, reports can be furnished to insurance company end users without a signed authorization for release of medical records.

The majority of the nearly 15,000 hospitals in the United States do not require signed authorizations because they are not disclosing medical information. However, different entities responsible for maintaining records have their own policies governing release of information.

Some hospitals will provide limited information without a signed authorization. Others decline to release information without one.

In instances where one or more facilities require a signed authorization, Factel Hospital Treatment Check reports will reflect exactly what was found.

If signed authorizations are provided when Hospital Treatment Checks are ordered, there should be no difficulty reporting the kind of information outlined under #3 of What is a Factel Hospital Treatment Check?

Factel Hospital Treatment Checks are available nationwide – and you can get same-day service!  

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